Hard Drive Looses Connection

My Hard Drive losses connection when searching for errors on disk. I've tried innumerous programs to fix it but they all failed stating drive has too many bad sectors. I thought this are supposed to be disabled when corrupted. Or at least if corrupted, it's strange that the drive just simply disconnects when finds them. What maybe causing this problem?
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  1. bad sectors i guess.just saying.
  2. But a disk can have bad sectors and still run. Suppostly from what I've been reading bad sectors are marked as unusable but the disk remains stable. Any solutions? :\
  3. preverse said:
    but the disk remains stable. :\
    please define stable.
  4. Stable as in, not having I/O problems (disconnecting) when programs are trying to check for bad sectors on the drive.

    Usually what happens is the program is checking sector by setor and when it reaches a certain point, it justs stops and the drives stops responding.
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