I have windows 7 32 bit on a MRB Partition... I would like to have Win8 64 bit on another partition

But The HD Has To Be Formated to Either MBR or GPT Format in other words when I try to install Win8 x 64 it says I need to use GPT ... it won't let me partition the drive MBR on one Partition and GPT on another Partition... it's all GPT or all MBR ... and Win8 x64 won't install on as MBR ... or am I missing something ???
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  1. How big is your HDD? Is it over 2TB?
    I did the win7/win8 dual boot in my PC, the win8/win7 are in the MBR partition. I do the same like the link, I also try to dual boot win7/ winXP too, if you can't make the partition, this is the major point, you can try to use the EaseUS Partition Master Free and good luck.
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    Since VISTA I have had a "NO DUAL BOOT" rule because the WinCode since VISTA is very demanding / picky that it is the ONLY OS on your PC. Thus too many times I had people / I tested and had happen dual boots of Vista or 7 with XP or such after XYZ number of reboots / turn off the computer, when it would boot again the OSes would fight about whom was in charge then go and argue over it with MBR causing MBR to freak out and kill off one OS or the other, or worse corrupt the drive completely. So you have been warned.

    Now your saying GPT, do you have UEFI or a BIOS? If your UEFI, I believe that the reason GPT is coming up is your drive is using the 4K instead of old 512k methods, and the UEFI is telling Windows this. NOTE: 4K drives are only readable / addressible by Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.x , no other 'Windows' can address it and there is 'fix' for any version less then Windows 7 SP1. Basically the only way someone else on these forums got around this was to wipe UEFI off and replace it with BIOS, then had to reformat the HDD as 512K for their Windows installs to work.

    I have NO idea why you WANT to dual boot anyway between these two. If you want to 'experiment' or such with Win8, then use something like VirtualBox to create a Virtual OS session inside your Windows, but you will be limited (because your only on x32) to 32bit OSes.
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