how does DirectX 11 work?

I heard DirectX 12 is coming out next year, does that mean my motherboard has to be DirectX 12 compatible or is it just a simple install and has nothing to do with motherboard compatibility
I'm only asking as I'm upgrading to an i7 3770 and need a new mobo, and would like a decent one :)
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  1. The GPU will dictate directx compatibility. So long as your gpu (and os, as other poster stated) supports it you will be fine (tho current gpu's are mostly directx 11.x)...motherboard and cpu don't really factor in. Regardless, I wouldn't worry about directx 12 for a long while.
  2. Here's an easier way to understand it. This is what my boss told me when I got into the industry. APIs as in DX is a series of protocols and dialogues between your GPU CPU and a game or programs proprietary engine. It divides the individual elements that make up the rendering to organize and instruct how to use and process the data and creates rules in some cases for containing the renders. Its your GPU that gets optimized for APIs you'll get scooted into using dx12 but unless you have a dx12 certified GPU you won't benefit from the new generation of features
  3. Well, to start with, DirectX is actually more than just a single element. Instead, it consists of various elements thus the X is used behind to represent multiple elements. DirectX consists of the following elements:

    - DirectDraw; for 2D graphics processing

    - Direct3D; for 3D graphics processing

    - DirectSound; for 2D sound processing

    - DirectSound3D; for 3D sound processing

    - DirectMusic; for music processing

    - DirectPlay; for multiplayer or network processing

    - DirectInput; for the processing of input devices

    DirectX is built by Microsoft as a collection of API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) for the purpose of multimedia processing. Comprised of massive DLL’s (Dynamic Link Libraries), it allows software – especially game – developers to gain direct access to the computer hardware. As a result, the developers will be able to produce high quality yet fast graphics, immersive sound and will have no problems programming the input devices among other things. However, in case the necessary hardware is not existent on a particular PC configuration, DirectX will emulate the required functions from the software side instead.Gaining direct access to computer hardware has always been very important
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    DX is not a function of the motherboard it is a function of the OS and the GPU basically both need to support the same version of DX in order to use it.
  5. Many thanks for all your answers! They have answered all of my queries :)
  6. DirectX has something to do with your graphics - it is a way you can tell your GPU to draw something /you tell your GPU to "draw a triangle" and it will draw one./ Since there can be a GPU slapped to your processor, if you're not using a dedicated GPU, your CPU will have to have to support the DX you want to try out.

    So, you see, it has nothing to do with your mobo.

    PS: why do you need to upgrade?
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