Does Overclocking Help Reduce CPU Usage?

I have an AMD FX 6300 CPU. When playing World of Warcraft I average solid 45-50% CPU Usage.

My CPU is at stock speed (3.5GHz). If I overclock it to 4.4 GHz will that reduce the CPU Usage?
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  1. Not technically. It still has the same usage, but it gets the work done faster.
    So if you have 50% load, it will finish that load faster than at stock.
    Only 50% is fine, you arguable get the best performance when everything is at 99%. You are maxing out your performance without bottlenecking, technically best performance for your dollar.
  2. Yes proportionately. However it will be running at a higher frequency (new OCed frequency).
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    Actually it depends on the type of load it is facing and why it is only at 50%. If it is trying to accomplish X amount of work within a specified time then yes it will reduce the CPU usage(ex. feeding data for a new frame every 1/60 seconds), but if it is trying to do X, then take the results of that feed it into Y, and then the results back into X as fast as it can and is only at 50% because it can only use half the execution units because of some dependencies then OCing will let you get more done but you will still be at the same usage percentage.

    Everything ends up coming down to what exactly it is doing, this is why we always use a benchmark suite and not just a single one.
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