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Im a novice with computers, so I was hoping to get some guidance on my issue.

I have a 500GB HDD running windows vista that I have been using to play games and I want to improve overall gaming performance. I bought a 240GB SSD secondary hard drive from a friends recommendation. That is installed and formatted. I tried to install windows 7 to the ssd, but didn't disconnect my HDD so it installed there instead.

Should I go back and disconnect the HDD then reinstall windows 7 to the SSD? Keep the HDD with the OS and just put my games on the SSD? My end goal is just for better gaming performance.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Quote:
    Should I go back and disconnect the HDD then reinstall windows 7 to the SSD?

    However, an SSD will not increase games performance, apart from level loading times. It does not increase framerate.

    2nd 'however' SSD does make the whole PC feel snappier.
  2. How do I get windows 7 off of the HDD without losing all my files? Or should I just leave it on there?

    If the SDD won't help, any other ideas about improving performance? I have a NVidia GeForce GRX 260 with Intel Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200.

    Thanks for your help
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    1. An SSD does not improve game performance apart from starting and level loading. Framerate is not changed.

    2. An SSD does improve the overall feel of a PC. The OS and applications will start and run faster. I would not build a main use PC without out one.

    3. If you are comfortable with reinstalling everything, do that.
    Have only the SSD connected.
    Install Windows
    Let it activate and do whatever updates it wants
    When everything is actually working, then you can connect the other HDD
    Your applications and games will need to be reinstalled.
    Some/most Steam or Origin games can maybe be simply 'moved'. Google for 'move steam games' or move origin games'.
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