Nvidia geforce gtx560 gives 6 beep error code and brand new rig

So I recently bought a brand new hp computer with 2TB hard drive because my old rig had died on me. I transferred over my solid state intel drive (which is about two weeks old) and my corsair rm1000 power supply (about a week old) and everything was working like a dream. The issue came when I tried to install my nvidia geforce gtx560 card. I'm sure it's seated correctly, and I have it connected to the PSU with two separate cables, but when I try to power on the system, I get a 6 beep error code from the mobo. My mobo is an MSI 2AE0 with AMI BIOS, so apparently this means "8042 gate A20 failure - bad cpu or mainboard". There is nothing wrong with the CPU or board because when I disconnect the nvidia card and go back to the built in AMD card, the system works fine. The only things I can think of at this point is that I either need to install the driver before installing the card (didn't need to on my old rig on Windows 7, not sure if it's different on 8) or the card is not compatible with the motherboard. Does anyone know if they are?
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  1. go into your bios and see if there is a setting allowing you to make the pcie slot the main video driver
  2. Yes on the drivers!
  3. Try uninstalling the AMD card in device manager before shutting down to put in the GTX560.
  4. Uninstalled device and drivers. Still get the beep code. Fkr, I do see an option in the BIOS to disable slot security for the PCIE. That's the only thing there pertaining to the slot though.
  5. Many thanks for the prompt response. I don't see anything in the BIOS along the lines of what you said, fkr.

    As far as uninstalling the AMD card, should I also select the option to delete the driver software?
  6. what is the make model of your mobo.

    also try another slot if you have one, even if it is a 4x slot. It should still register but it would run slow.
  7. Not quite sure what you mean by make model. CPU-Z tells me that the model is the 2AE0, chipset AMD K15 IMC. Also, the only other graphics slots I have are 1x, which I don't think will work with the card :/ I also have no other computer to test it on.

    I just noticed a strange occurrence, the fan on the nvidia card still spins when the card is installed on the motherboard but not connected to the power supply. I think that opens up the possibility that the PSU is not powering the card properly, since I had previously taken the spinning of the fan to mean that the power supply was not the issue.
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