Wireless access to internet only, restrict local network.... possible?

I would like to add an access point to an existing network. There already exists several computers connected via ethernet, a router DIR-655, a couple switches etc.

I read about a feature call "isolation mode" on an AP but this seems to only restrict access to the other wireless devices on that access point.

Is there anyway to just create a tunnel for this AP so that it only accesses the internet and none of the other devices on the network?

thanks in advance
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  1. I am sure there are quite a few that can do it, but the one I am familiar with is the Ubiquiti Unifi Ap's. I use a Unifi Ap LR in my house and you can set up guest networks that can get to the internet and not your network. The cool thing is you don't even have to use separate VLAN's.
  2. Thanks Abailey -

    Is your network setup via ethernet or accessing the same AP?

    I just took a look, seems like a smart AP! I'm guessing the feature is the "Guest Portal / Hotspot Support". I'l have to dig around for more info on this.

    I found a manual for the software but I'm not sure what I'm looking for ( networking is not my thing>>)

    do you remember what needs to be enabled to restrict access only to the internet?

    thanks again
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    I use my AP for both home wireless use and guest use (you can put up to 4 different SSID's on the AP). I also has another AP downstairs and have many things wired directly with Ethernet, too.
  4. hi abailey -

    Just wanted to say thanks again for steering me to the Unifi AP. Ordered one, really different that the PnP AP's that I have. I like the additional control.
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