Connect Verizon Mi-Fi JetPak to Netgear Router WGR614 to HP

How do I connect Verizon Mi-Fi JetPak to Netgear Router WGR614 so wireless internet will work on my desktop computer (HP)? My Wi-Fi is my internet provider, but the Router isn't working and the desktop doesn't have the wireless bars showing for me to enter the Mi-Fi username/password into to connect to the internet.

I'm NOT techno savy and Verizon tech support was unable to get me connected. I called Netgear and my support expired...they wanted $200 to help... :(

Please can someone provide a step by step (simple) way for me to connect to Verizon Jetpak from my desktop computer. Do I need to unplug the Netgear Router, or buy an adapter or something?

I cannot connect to the internet on the desktop to download any updates.

Help & Thanks...
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    Your router is designed to get internet from a wired source through its wan port, its not designed to receive the wifi signal from the jetpack and then rebroadcast it.

    You can flash your router with dd-wrt and have that capability, although the better option would be to make your router into a bridge (receive wifi and then output via ethernet cable). This is better then making your router into a repeater because a repeater has to split its bandwidth between the jetpack and your desktop (think having to pass a ball in a triangle from guy 1 to guy 2 to guy 3 and then back to guy 2 and back to guy 1 instead of guy 1 and 3 being able to pass the ball directly to each other).
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