GTX 770 vs HD 5870 crossfire

My brother has been experiencing some technical problems with his two antiquated Radeon HD 5870's in crossfire.

I recommended to him that he dump those two cards and get a GTX 770.

In percentages, would a single GTX 770 outperform the two HD 5870's, and if so by how much?
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  1. Not only will a single 770 perform much better overall but it will use less power & produce less heat and noise.
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    All I could find were the 3d mark scores to directly compare them.

    770 (11310)
    5870 (4390) Crossfire at 100% scaling (8780)

    So even assuming 100% scaling for crossfire which won't happen the 770 is 128% faster.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. ambam said:
    Thank you!!

    Np glad to help.
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