I have a budget of 15,000 and i want to choose a good processor as well as a suitable graphic card for gaming i currently have

I have an i3 first gen processor and a 500 mb graphic card and 2 gb ram 500 gb hard disk i have a budget os 15,000 INR and in that i want to buy a good processor and a suitable graphic card for the next gen games could run on them can somebody help me out with it
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    You would need new motherboard and another 2gb ram.
    Intel Pentium G3220
    gigabyte H81 motherboard
    2gb ram
    amd Radeon R7 250 1gb
  2. can you suggest me any AMD processors too cause i have heard that amd processors are good for gaming and the graphic card you have suggested is it ddr3 or ddr5 please reply on this as soon as possible.
  3. get a fx 6300 @7500/- & gtx 650@7000/- & 4 gb ram@2500/-
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