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OK, I bought a SSD and a 2 TB HDD. The SSD already has windows 7 installed in the new pc I just built. But I haven't put the hdd in yet as I just put it into my old pc to transfer over old files. Once I'm done transferring the old files (photos, word docs, etc). Will this work?

Also, is there a free software or way for me to get an entire list of all the programs I have installed on my computer so that I can reinstall them on my new computer? I do have a folder where I kept all the installations of programs on the old pc, if I transfer that file over to the hdd and then try to install my programs from that folder will I have a problem?

Thanks in advance! You guys rock!
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    You can do it that way.. there should be no problem with that. You may copy your documents, photos, music ,videos and application installers from the old machine to your new HDD and connect it to your new PC. But the applications you want it needs to be installed in your new system.
  2. Thanks for the prompt answer, that's what I assumed but wanted to make sure. Do you know of a way to compile a list of all programs on my computer so that I can just install them on the new one? Or do I have to write everyone of them down?
  3. You can try to install Comodo Program Manager to see the full List of applications installed in your old computer.
  4. Thanks again!
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