[SOLVED] Random Annoying Sound In Google Chrome

What the hell is causing this... it is diving me mad :fou: .... it starts when i reach about 50-60 tabs...

Click here to hear it:

(I captured it with fraps then edited some together)
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  1. 50-60 tabs will run you out of available memory. Why so many? List your build. Sound sounds like something attached. Clear cookies and browsing data.
  2. @i7Baby

    Restarting Chrome and clearing cookies won't help as it seems that Chrome starts to glitch out when i reach this point after the browser have been up like this for a few days... and i don't want to loose my progress..... can anyone identify the sound please?

  3. So you don't want to try this?

    Have a look at Control Panel Uninstall Programs. Are there any programs you know shouldn't be there? If so, uninstall them.
  4. @i7Baby

    This has nothing to do with the problem.

    please don't post random fixes if you don't know anything about the problem itself.

    Somebody else must have had this problem too and can share their experience...
  5. I had problems with Chrome so I stopped using it till I came up with a fix that worked. Maybe try that.
  6. I have the newest version of chrome... but i have had this problem for years tho as it comes and goes when i reach 50-60 tabs and keep them for days......

    and there is no Info on my problem.
  7. Don't open so many tabs then. Maybe you run yourself out of memory.
  8. @i7Baby

    Please stop spamming my thread when you clearly know less about this problem than i do... you're not helping!

    Is there anyone else in this forum with this problem dammit?

    Or am i the only one in the world that are pushing Chrome to it's limit!
  9. Best answer
    it sounds like chatango to me. when a user posts it has that annoying sound unless you disable it in your on-page settings.

    some sites have it loaded off to the side in a little iframe.

    although i suppose it could be an advertisement as well.
  10. @ssddx Ye thats it... you earn a cookie for that m8 ^^

    it seems it was coming from the Narutoget tab >_<

    i suppose the chatbox activated when i exited Chrome and opened it again having it reload my entire session....
  11. i've been streaming some anime lately... so recognized that sound.

    it really is quite irritating. almost as much as the actual content posted on chatango by users :rofl:
  12. lol
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