My cpu wont fit inside my motherboard.

I recently bought a msi motherboard the model is B75A-G43 GAMING and my processor (model) AMD FX-6300 wont rest down on the cpu socket any suggestions?! some help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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  1. Best answer have an AMD CPU and an Intel socket motherboard

    Won't work. Send one of them back and get something different.
  2. that mobo is for intel socket LGA1155. your cpu is amd socket am3+ not compatible and will not fit. are you knew to pc's?
  3. Thanks so much and yeah, im a newbie :/
  4. be sure to get an am3+ socket board :).
  5. +1 to ModernWarfare. If it was me I would get an AM3+ MB with a 990FX chipset. 970 chipset will do fine but make sure That The Motherboard works with AMD Vishera FX processors. Note: some may Motherboards require a BIOS update to work with an AMD FX 4300, 6300, 8300 series CPU. The MB you have has an LGA 1155 Socket so if you buy an Intel CPU make sure That it is the same socket.
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