Should I SLI/Upgrade or just stay the same.

Hey guys, as of right now I am using a single 780 ti 3GB EVGA Superclocked. I am wondering if I should upgrade to the Gigabyte Titan Black 6 GB or sli with another 780 ti 3 GB EVGA Superclocked or just stay the same. My power supply can run both, and I have a 1920x1080 monitor. Should I change or just stay the same as I am? I am fine with what I have, but a bit more mmph is something I wouldn't mind.
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  1. I supose you use your rig for gaming? if so i wouldn't add another one...the 780 ti is considered a super powerful GPU, i don't think there is an actual single card that would be considered an upgrade to yours, and for SLI, as i said you have a powerful enough card, no need to SLI, you can run every game till 2020 with your single card...
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    Remixex said:
    ..., you can run every game till 2020 with your single card...

    Never make such assumption, we never know what is still to come...

    If you have the money, and are willing to spend it, i would say go with the SLI of your card. As far as I recall it will provide a better performance than the Titan Black, but it also depends on the game or what you are doing with your rig.
  3. 1. SLI GTX780TI is better.
    2. Do for 3 monitors only. I think that you running all ultra so way to bay another card?
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