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Hi, my desktop broke down a couple of years ago and I was using 2 HD 5770 in crossfire configuration back then. I have kept these 2 GPU along with a couple of functional components and currently, I would like to DIY a new setup using them so I don't need to spend that much since they still can be used.

My concern is would these 2 GPU actually perform well when it comes to running games with high settings compare to mid-range GPU currently in the market.
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    No, sorry. 1 GB cards are starting to become taxed by games such as BF4, and even in Crossfire they can't compare to even a single GTX 760.

    You can find 5770 Crossfire benchmark in here for Bioshock Infinite:

    And here's the same game with a single GTX 760:

    The 760 still performs about the same at 2560x1440 with max settings as the two 5770s at 1920x1200 with max settings but no AA. And then when you go down to 1920x1080, you can see the 7950 even is just barely over 60 fps, and that's a card that is considerably better than at least a single 5770, and I'm sure still performs better than two.
  2. You could try them but I don't think they will perform very well. I had a similar situation but I had 2 6870s and they did not work very well on any of the newer games. The cards had enough processing power but they would run out of v ram all of the time and the fps would drop. The 5570's are a lot weaker than the 6870's so I would say get a new card something like a r9 270 minimum for good gaming
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