my router does not have a usb plug i want to connect my usb external hard drives

setting up a cloud on my at&t universe router
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  1. If the router does not have that function......
  2. You can hook the usb drive up to a computer and share the drive over the network.

    If your router does not have the port then there is no way to add the port to the router.
    You will either need to hook it directly to a networked computer or buy a router with the usb plug.
  3. i have the feature on my router and it is worthless, if thats something you want then a nas is probably better option
  4. Seems to be a hit or miss feature as far as reliability and ease of installation.

    Some companies sell usb to network adapters for printers/hard drives but those also are fairly unreliable.

    Many of the linux arm boxes, a raspberry pi, or any cheap old computer should be capible of being a file server for you to network share the drive for home use.
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    The USB storage on my router is very unstable, as another poster said. It lets me see the drive, but a few minutes later, it's not there anymore and any file copy fails. Since your router does not even have a USB port, this option is out for you anyway.

    NAS (a device connected to the network with a network cable or wireless instead of USB) is the most stable and should be faster. Or share the drive from a computer, although that requires the computer to be on all the time you want to use the drive.
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