some advice on how to set up my new server build

Hi guys,

Recently I managed to kill my motherboard by pushing in a sound card too hard, so I'm redoing my machines. The old server will go in what was the desktop case and I wanted some advice on how to best set up storage in the new server, which will run ubuntu.

the server will function as:

for the photo storage, I thought I might do a raid array, and then have a disk for each of the other functions. Or, is it ok to have one raid array and put everything on it? (and is it best to put the webserver on the sys drive?) I thought raid 5 might be the best way to go.

The truth is I don't desperately need a raid array, but have never built one and thought it might be good to try.

This is a home server that only I access.
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  1. You could, but make sure you use a good filesystem, like ZFS, wouldn't want any Bitrot.
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