My GTX 750 Ti doesn't have DirectX 11

Hey Guys! My new build is here and its equipped with a GTX 750 Ti. I saw the windows experience Index and it shows DirectX 10 as the version. I have the latest drivers available. Whats the problem??? I guess its a DirectX 11Card right?

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  1. You need to update Windows (KB971644), to get DirectX 11. Once it is done, a reboot is required.
  2. You might also need to run the Experience Index again as well, it doesn't update automatically. Have to run it manually to update what it displays.
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    i'm having the same problem, but with my 780,
    pc wizard says dx 10 support
    TechPowerUp GPU-Z says dx 11 support
    however the game wont play because my card is incompatible, needs to be dx 10.1 or better.
    hopefully one of us will find a solution
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