gigabyte motherboard western digital hard disk drive AMD

I just installed

GA-F2A88XM-HD3 with an AMD A4-4000, and I have win7 64bit
I have 2 HDD's ,,the 1st one everything went smoothly, ands was working fine on the previous build? both disks are sata 2.
the second one, doesnt show up on "my computer"
it DOES show in 1)Bios
2)Device manager

I have tried various jumper settings, hotplugging enabled all ports,
this is really driving me mad?
please any1 can you please help????
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  2. hey rolli59,
    ty,, tried everything,,, installed the disk again,,,,installed from gigabytes sites again,,,,and nothing,,that darn disk just wont show up in the "my computer" area.........any other advice?
  3. Does not show in Computer management / Storage?
  4. no,,it doesnt show there
  5. Can you try the drive in a different computer?
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