RAID 0 SSD Trim - help please

I recently decided to upgrade from a single SSD to a raid 0 SSD array. I purchased the 2 drives and then after doing some google searching discovered that apparently it's not a given that you will have trim support with a raid 0 array. This really surprised me. The articles I read are here and here.

I am currently confused what I need to do to enable trim and if it's even possible for my build. My build is:
i5 4670k
MSI Z87-GD65 mobo
2 Samsung evo 500gb in RAID 0

The best I can gather is at a minimum I need to install intel RST, however from the articles it is appearing that I might not be able to have trim support. If that's the case I'm assuming I'd be much better off reformatting and going back down to one drive. I'm noticing some issues loading areas in ESO and I think my drive setup may be the culprit as my wife's build does not have the same issues (single ssd).
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    As long as you get the intel RST at least like 11.2 version, the TRIM does support for SSDs in RAID 0. please note that the intel PCH is a family of Intel microchips, which includes 5, 6, 7, and 8 series chipset.
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