Attempting to setup 3 monitors(Eyefinity)

I have an AMD 7870 card, which has 2 MiniDP, 1 hdmi, 1dvi out. I purchased a MiniDP to HDMI cable thinking this would work, and it fact the cord does work as suggested. However I am having an issue setting it up to get all 3 displays to be on. If I u plug, the one that is off comes on and takes the formers place. C&E Mini_Dis-HDMI-CB6 Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable, 6 feet is what I have.

Can anyone walk me through this? Thanks
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  1. I am pretty sure you need an ACTIVE Display port to get the 3rd monitor to work. The cable isn't enough.
  2. I have been reading and this is what I thought; however I have only Target, bestbuy, walmart available to try to find this adapter (need this setup finished by 8pm tonight. Any suggestions then?
  3. Well if you need it by tonight then I would go online, seach for active display port and you will find lots of adaptors. Figure out which ones are in the store near you (eliminate the online ones). I would guess that you have the best chance with Best Buy but it really does depend on the store.

    Rocketfish™ - Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI Adapter

    This is the only thing close to me it looks like. How do I know if it is what I am looking for?

    or this one from office depot, though it is miniDP to hdmi active adatper
  5. They both look right. Obviously it depends if you want it to be DVI or HDMI.
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