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So i just bought and downloaded Fraps and I've played around with it a bit. I know how to record (press F9 and the fps turns red). But i've tried talking during the recording and my audio doesn't come out.

This is my current setup for fraps - (Note: I'm using a razer Tiamat headset, not logitech)

I want to do dual commentary also, but i haven't tried it out yet to see if it records my friends. I also don't have a sound card if that does anything.
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  1. Un check the "Only capture when pressing Ctrl" box and you audio should come out fine. And you will be able to record your friend's voices as well, no sound card necessary.
  2. do i need to press ctrl to record the audio or visual?
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    In your current settings, you only need to press Ctrl for audio. However, you can completely disable that, and Fraps will record all audio, the entire time you are recording. Your settings will look like this.
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