Windows 8 startup horribly slow even after trying many things.

Hi, I have an eight month old Windows 8 installation that went through two upgrades: 8->8.1 and 8.1->8.1 update 1. My main problem is that the startup takes a lot of time, ranging from 50 s to 2 minutes.

I regularly use TuneUp disk cleaner t oremove junk. My startup has only 5-6 important things like touchpad drivers, graphic driver etc. I do have a 5400 rpm drive, but there is a definite decline in the startup performance from the initial days even though I do my best to clean up startup and the disk and defragment it once in three months or so. xbootmgr/performance analyzer says the logon init part is about 22 seconds and post boot phase is about 110 seconds.

How can I improve this? I am resorting to hibernating my system a lot of times just to avoid this irritatingly long wait. (I know installing an SSD helps, but I would like to know if anything can be done with this HDD alone.) Thanks!
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  1. Try unplugging any optical drive you may have. My new Haswell was taking several minutes to boot because of a faulty DVD drive. Unplugged the drive and boot time dropped to a few seconds.
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