i5 2500 really high usage with recent SSD installed

Hi everyone

I just installed a new SSD disk on my desktop PC, and after installing it I noticed really degraded performance. This is my PC specs:

MB Gigabyte P67A-UD3
i5 2500
2x4GB RAM DDR3 1800 (Corsair)
GPU 2GB ATI Radeon Sapphire 6950
Seagate 1TB HD (old disk)
Kingston 120GB SDD (new disk)
Windows 7 64 bits ultimate

*Nothing is overclocked
*i5 temperature is really high, around 60~70C idle
*GPU temperature is also really high around 45~50C idle
*RAM is brand new, ran stress test and everything looks normal

When I was using the old HD, everything was smooth, but now that I switched to SDD performance is SO bad I can't even watch 1080 video on youtube.
I noticed when watching 1080 video on youtube with old HD, processor usage was 4~7%, but when using new SSD, the processor is always 100%.

*fresh install of Windows on SSD occurred just fine (no errors)
*SAME drivers installed on both disks
*every important windows update installed on both HDs

I really have no clue what is the issue now :??:

It also is worth mentioning that my motherboard kinda sucks since first cold boot works just fine, but when I reboot my PC (without turning it off, and turning it back on after 10sec), there's a long beep, then pc reboots again. I researched a few support threads everywhere and found out that this is quite "normal". Unsure why though...

Anyone, any clues?
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  1. I would advise you to check your systems fans and make sure they are all spinning, esp the cpu fan.
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