how many fans does the Asus P9X79 LE support?

I have a Asus P9X79 LE board, I was wondering how many fans I can plug into the board without getting a fan controller. from what I can find it looks like 6 total. I am still new to building/modifying computers, so I just wanted to get some input before I buy to many fans.
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  1. Yeah, 6 total fans, two of which are CPU fan headers.
  2. [quotemsg=13131551,0,1633199...without getting a fan controller.

    You can always plug the fans into the PSU if they have the right headers, but you won't be able to control the RMP of them.
  3. Not sure what happened to the formatting on my last post...
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    Actually, you can use two Swiftech 8 way PWM splitters. CPU and CPU_OPT = 16 fans, powered by PSU and controlled by motherboard. I have 15 fans connected this way in mine, automatic fan controller with Asus AI Suite.
  5. Thanks for all the help. I will have to look into that splitter. I have a NZXT Source 210 case, i am trying to get x6 Master Cool Jetflo 120 fans in the case, x2 front x1 bottom intake, and x2 top x1 rear blowing out. My PSU 850W AZZA Dynamo is mounted on the bottom of the case, and a Asetek 550LC Liquid Cooling (120mm Fan) on the CPU. If you recommend a better fan configuration for my case please let me know. in 2 months I will be installing a GTX 780 ti Dual Classified. I want to do some moderate Over clocking on the CPU and GPU, so I want to make sure I keep everything as cool as possible.
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