GA-78L-USB3 Can't get past the windows 7 starting Screen

I just bought this motherboard with a FX-6300. Each time I boot my PC it boots the start up screen then launches the boot up screen after I hit "Start windows normally" it goes to the starting windows screen and freezes. It brings me right back to the first screen. I have tried to update my bios and that didn't work.

CPU:FX-6300/Amd a6-3620
GPU:HD 7790
OS: Windows 7
PSU:Antec Vp 450 450w
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    Try to boot your computer with the Windows Setup Disk and choose repair in the setup options.
  2. An A6-3620 won't work in that board. And if you have BIOS F1, the 6300 won't work either. BIOS needs to be at least F3 to be compatible with a FX-6300.
  3. I feel stupid the whole time I thought windows 7 was still on my PC after changing the motherboard, so I was force to get windows 8, but thanks for your solutions.
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