GTX 770 + Phenom II x4 955. Will it work?

I am planning on upgrading my graphics card from a Radeon 5850 to a GTX 770 2GB version. I am also planning on having two screens, a new primary 120hz monitor (most likely to be a Benq XL2420Z) and my current 60hz monitor as a secondary extended screen.

My current CPU is a phenom II x4 955 running overclocked at 3.8 GHz with 8GB of 1337MHz ram.

The issue is I am not sure whether this CPU will be able to keep up with the GTX 770, could it cause a bottleneck? If so should I wait to do a CPU upgrade before changing my graphics card?

Any further advice on graphics cards would be greatly appreciated as I am still unsure as to whether this is the best option, my budget is no more than £250.

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  1. cpu is a little bottleneck for this card .
  2. There will be a bottleneck.
  3. STACKS ON DECK said:
    cpu is a little bottleneck for this card .

    Anonymous said:
    There will be a bottleneck.

    Will the bottleneck be significant enough that I should wait to upgrade my CPU as well?
  4. a little significant . more on CPU intensive games . i recommend to upgrade both CPU and GPU same time . .
  5. Best answer
    I would still get it and have it ready to go for when you upgrade the rest.

    You will still benefit from the 770 installed now.
  6. Ok, thanks for the advice. I also noticed there are mixed opinions about the amount of VRAM you should have for multiple monitors, if I am running just 2 at 1920*1080 I am assuming this shouldn't be an issue.
  7. not so . but recommendation is 3 gb .but it is for extreme case . 2 gb is enough for 2 monitors
  8. For anyone else stopping by. I have done this same setup. I overclocked the Phenom 955 (on corsair H50) to 3.8ghz and have decent performance.
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