is 2 way asus dcu2 780 sli worth?

i was just wondering for maybe a possibility to see if 2 way 780 sli is worth the 1200$
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    it so worth but why going that much big . a single780ti is enough in most cases
  2. lets say 1440p
  3. depends what resolution you play at
  4. then yes, it is worth it. thats a good price too.
  5. 4k resolution can be achievable easily with 780ti but will work little more better with 2 780
  6. 60fps with all settings on high with new AAA titles is really hard to achieve actually. even 2 780ti dont cut it. not to mention 780ti have a ram deficiency for 4k.
  7. a ok, but also in terms of power consumption for 2 cards of that power, i was maybe considering a ax860i psu for both cards and a maximus 6 formula mb to upgrade, would that be suffiecient even with an I7 4770?

    im also planning on getting another 2 asus vg248qe gaming screens for nvidia surround. would they be powerfull enough to run them at 1080 or even with 3D activated while gaming?
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