Best Mini ITX case for the price for budget build with good airflow

What is one of the best mini itx cases for a budget build? I've been looking at the cooler master elite 130, but it doesn't look like it has good airflow. Is there one that has really good airflow but is somewhere around $50-80?
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  1. The CM Elites do not have good air flow. I had one. Look into the Bitfenix Prodigy. I have the white one. Quiet stock fans and good airflow.

    It has limited length for a PSU, however.
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    For airflow you are mainly looking at a Prodigy or a Node 304. Both are pretty great in this regard, and both have fairly obvious advantages with regards to their significant size difference - you can fit a lot of stuff in a Prodigy but it isn't all that compact, when the Node is a little more limited but far more "ITX" sized.

    It really comes down to what you are trying to fit inside, the Prodigy is a lot more flexible, but both function very well with tower air coolers, motherboard dependant.
  3. Can you fit an R9 290 on the Node 304??
  4. Tristtan said:
    Can you fit an R9 290 on the Node 304??

    As per Fractal Design: "Graphics cards, up to 310mm in length, when 2 HDD slots (1 HDD hanging bracket total) are removed (Graphics cards longer than 170 mm will conflict with PSUs longer than 160mm)"
    You just have to check the length of the R9-290 you decide on and see if it meets that requirement.
  5. thx
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