Multiple Computers on One Drive?

I've Seagate GoFlex Desk 2T external drive - older version. I'm backing up my desktop now...looks like it will take about 20 hours to do (first time).

It is plenty large enough to also hold my wife's laptop information. What do I need to do so the drive will keep everything separate?


George in Copperopolis, CA
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  1. Plug it in to your router. Set sharing from Windows.
  2. Make different folders for each computer and chose the folder as the backup destination.
  3. Just create a folder structure to make it easy to keep things separate.

    Something like

    d : \ gchimiklis \ make all your folders here(documents/pictures/so on)
    d : \ gchimiklis's wife \ make all her folders here.

    If you read up on a built in feature in Windows called robo copy it can make updating only changed files very easy(just write a batch files once and you good to backup whenever you want).

    Alternatively, for paid software you can use something like Second Copy ( that would allow you to make a profile that would take care of everything and can even keep copies of the last X number of file changes seeing as you have the space for it.

    You can find LOTS of ways to deal with backups.
  4. Or Google 'Move Users'
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