Is an Intel 120gb ssd enough for dual booting Windows 8 and Mac OSX Mavericks?

I'm looking to dual boot Windows 8 and Mavericks together by using an Intel 120gb SSD. This drive will be using for booting the OS only; I have separate one 1tb drive for all my games and other stuff. Will this be enough for both OSes?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes.
  2. No. The boot drive will also hold other stuff eg printer driver and software that you can't change the install from C:.
  3. yes it enough but your need install OS on different OS on different HHDorSSD
  4. Yes it will work you might end up playing with the boot manager a fair bit though while your setting it up.
  5. You can partition your SSD
  6. If I partition the SSD, then my computer would treat it as 2 different drives, right?
    After that I could just use a boot-loader to decide which OS to boot into.
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    Correct. And yes its big enough to hold both OS's, all you drivers, and a few apps (anitviris, anti-malware, media center, cd rippers, flash, acrobat reader...) (I have all that on my 64gb ssd with room to spare)
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