Making a simple wireless setup - computer, modem, printer, wireless hotspot (smartphone)

My current computer setup is as follows: My computer is connected to the internet via an ethernet connection to an Actiontec wireless modem/router combination. I have a wireless capable printer cable connected through a usb port. I am running Windows 7. I want to make three wireless connections.

1.Disconnect the ethernet cable, and connect wirelessly to my wireless modem/routher and the internet.

2. I wish to connect wirelessly to my wireless enabled hp printer.

3. I wish to connect to my android smartphone by setting up a wifi hotspont on my computer.

I guess my general question is ...... do I need three different adapters to establish these connections, or can a single adapter provide more than one connection? I realize this is a substantially dumb question, but most of the info available on wireless networking is oriented to more complex networking, i.e. multiple computers, etc.
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  1. If your Actiontec is both modem AND router (you've said it's wireless), you should be able to do so. While still connected with wire, go to your router' configuration web page (it is probably, configure your wireless (don't forget to set up security), and check whether you can connect with your smart phone. Once you do that, you can cut the cord, and move your PC over wireless. Read your printer' documenttion about how to connect it to the network.

    I don't think you have to by anything else.
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    For numbers 1 and 2 you just need to have wireless network setup on your router and both your pc and your printer connected to that wireless connection.

    For number 3 you would not connect your pc and android directly together over wifi, you would connect your android phone to the same wifi connection as your pc and then you can share files or whatever your reason is for wanting the network.

    On a side note your pc does not have to be wireless to talk to wireless devices, you can have wired and wireless devices on the same network and they all work together. If it is not a matter of requiring to move the pc away from the router, a wired conneciton is going to be faster and more reliable then wireless.
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