Upgrading Graphics Card. What should I get?

Hello! I am upgrading my Dell Inspiron 545 from a 300w to a 500w and was wondering what graphics card I should buy. The only thing I have upgraded so far is the 4gb ddr3 RAM to 6gb.
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  1. What kind of graphics card do you have in it now and what is your budget?
  2. A 500W Power Supply (if single 12V rail) will run a R9 270X or GTX 760.
  3. Dell's are not the easiest PC's to upgrade a psu in, I had to cut sheet metal tabs out to fit one in my old 8400, but it can be done. As far as a gpu goes, it kinda depends on the CPU. Anyone can throw a 780ti in a PCIe slot, but its money really wasted if paired with an i3 2120. So, what cpu?

    Not all 500w psu's are exactly that. Some I'd be happy to pair with a 760 or 270X, some I wouldn't pair with a 640 or 240X. So what psu?
  4. For a laptop i think its better to keep the same graphics cause you may not get the drivers and may malfunction too.So if there arent any problems you can go for 7670m.
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    i7Baby said:

    Ok go for an amd 7770 or r9-270x
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