building a pc for a friend how does this look

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  1. What is your budget?
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    well, it will run just fine and max out any game. however, i would suggest 3 things: 1. use, it has a larger variety of options, and finds you the best price. 2. you wont need the 4gb version of the 770. 2gb is fine, unless using multiple monitors, or playing at resolutions above 1080p. and 3. the psu is a little overkill, unless you plan to sli in the future. if not, a good quality 550 watt will do.
  3. i wanted at least a 650 or a 700 psu because the gpu alone said it needed 600 power
  4. well, the gpu recommends that much for the whole system, the card can only take ~290watt maxed out at 100%. seasonic and xfx have great 600-750 watt psu for about $70, a little more for modular.
  5. building it on diddnt save much at all... well i did also add a cd/blueray drive not sure if he wants bluerays or not ill ask
  6. thats fine that it didnt save too much more money, newegg has pretty competitive prices :P
  7. thanks for all the help. im going to have some fun building this one.
  8. no problem, and have fun :D
  9. heres the pcpartpicker list should i change the ram it says the it exceeds the voltage recommendation
  10. the ram should be just fine, worst case scenario you have to underclock it a little.
  11. ok im not sure how to under clock it but ill google it. lol
  12. its easy, but i doubt you will have to.
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