Loud Noise then Shutoff

My computer today, while browsing the internet made a loud sound, like the fans had been drinking red bull for a few seconds. It then turned off, and restarted. I am not sure what this is??

Intel i5 3470
Nvidia GTX760 2GB Windforce OC
Gigabyte B75-D3V
Seagate Barracuda 2TB Hardrive
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz 8GB
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  1. What Power Supply do you have - make and model. What were you doing at the time on the pc?
  2. i7Baby said:
    What Power Supply do you have - make and model. What were you doing at the time on the pc?
  3. replace that psu immediately. that psu has no business being in ANY system let alone a nice gaming rig like yours.

    if you value your pc, replace that psu immediately. it's very very bad.
  4. Oh, whats bad about it?! And what else should i go for?
  5. And also what is it doing to my pc..?
  6. bad psus fail to deliver the power they say they do and the electricity fluctuates. basically they can damage anything inside your pc. get rid of it. it is quite bad. hold on, ill get you a list for psu buying.
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    Tier one - The highest quality and most stable PSUs available on the hardware market today. Highly recommended for any situation -

    Antec -
    High Current Pro - 1200 watts
    High Current Platinum series
    Signature series

    Be Quiet Dark power pro P10 (Greater than 750 Watts)
    Corsair AX / AXi series (MK1 AX series is also an excellent choice)
    Enermax Revolution series (87+ and 82)
    Kingwin Lazer platinum series
    PC Power & cooling Silencer series (Only above 610 Watts)
    Sapphire Pure series

    Seasonic -
    S / M12 II Bronze series
    Platinum series (Fanless or not)
    X series

    Silverstone -
    OP / DA series (power greater than 700 Watts)
    ZF series (Etasis series 85 / 75 / 56)
    ZM series

    Seventeam ST series (greater than 600 watts, SSI, V2.91)
    Ultra - X3 greater than 1000 Watts

    XFX -
    Black edition series
    XXX series

    Zippy -

    Tier two class A - Excellent quality units, if not, as good as the Tier one class of units. For people who have a limited budget, but still want a reliable unit for the price -

    Antec -
    Earthwatts series (Only from 700 Watts and up)
    High Current Gamer series
    Neo HE
    Truepower Trio
    Truepower Quattro
    Truepower New - 700 Watts only

    Akasa Powergreen 80+
    Coolmax GTG-750 / 850 / 1000 Watts

    Cooler Master -
    V series
    VS series

    Be Quiet -
    Power zone series
    Straight power E9 (Greater than 400 Watts)

    Corsair -
    GS series (GS600 / GS800)
    HX / HX v2 series
    RM series
    TX / TXM series

    Cougar - SX and GX 700

    Enermax -
    MaxRevo 1350 Watts
    Platimax series (under 1250 Watts)
    Triathlor (550, 650, 700)

    Enhance ENP-GH
    Lepa G500
    NZXT Hale82 Modular (650 and 750 Watt models)

    OCZ -
    EliteXStream series
    EvoXStream series
    Fatal1ty series
    GameXStream series (less than 1000 Watts, if manufactured from December 2007 or later)
    ModXStream series (Again, if manufactured from December 2007 or later)
    StealthXStream (400 Watt only)
    StealthXStream MK2 (greater than 700 Watts)
    ZT / ZS series (less than 1000 Watts)
    ZX 850 Watts

    PC Power & Cooling -
    Silencer (Less than 610 Watts)
    Silencer MK2 series

    Rosewill -
    Capstone series
    Silent Night 500 Watts
    Tachyon series

    Seasonic -
    G series
    M / S12 MK1 series

    Setney Golden Steel Power 850 Watts
    Seventeam ST series (less than 600 Watts)
    Silverstone OP / DA series (less than 700 Watts)

    Superflower -
    Golden green series
    Golden King series
    Leadex Platinum series

    Supermicro / Ablecom

    Thermaltake Toughpower series (greater than 600 Watts)
    Thortech Thunderbolt plus (800 Watts only)
    Topower Powerbird (900 Watts only)
    XClio Stablepower series

    XFX -
    Pro series
    Core series

    Xigmatek -
    HC Series
    MC Series

    Ultra -
    X3 series
    X-Pro series

    Zalman ZM series (Less than 1000 Watts)

    Tier two Class B - Lower life span or slightly lower power output than rated. These are still great units, all of which are still within standard ATX specifications -

    ABS-Tagan ITZ / BZ series (less than 1000 Watts)
    Antec VP series (350, 450 only)

    Cooler Master -
    GX series (450 Watt only)
    Real power Pro (Greater than 800 Watts)

    Cougar S700
    Enermax -
    NaXn 82+ (550 to 750 Watts)

    EVGA -
    Supernova NEX (greater than 750 Watts)
    Supernova G2

    Fractal Design Newton R3 Series

    FSP -
    Aurum Gold
    Aurum Xilencer

    Hiper -
    Type M (Greater than 600 Watts)
    Type R (Again, greater than 600 Watts)

    Huntkey Jumper series
    Kingwin Lazer gold series
    Lepa B series (B650, B850 only)
    Mushkin Enhanced series

    NZXT -
    Hale 82 series (Non modular, apart from 650 Watt model)
    Hale 90 V1 / V2 series

    OCZ -
    Powerstream series
    StealthXStream (Less than 700 Watts, if manufactured from December 2007 or older)

    Silverstone Strider Element series (EF series)

    Tagan -

    Topower Powerbird (1100 Watts only)
    XClio Greatpower series
    Zalman ZM 1250 Watts

    Tier three - Meets standard ATX specifications, though closer to the edges than Tier two units. These are still solid units, which still supply stable power to your system, though not ideal for serious overclocking -

    Acbel Polycom series

    Akasa -
    Powerplus (Greater than 500 Watts)

    AMS Mercury series

    Antec -
    Basiq series
    Earthwatts series (greater than 700 Watts)
    Neopower 480 Watt (Old model)
    Truecontrol MK2
    Truepower MK2 / MK3

    Athena Power space shuttle series

    Be Quiet -
    Dark power pro (Less than 750 Watts)
    Pure power L8 / Purepower L8 CM series
    Straight power E9 400 Watts

    Cooler master -
    GX II 750 Watts
    i Series 700 Watts
    iGreen series
    Real power pro (less than 800 Watts)
    Silent pro M2 / Gold / Platinum series

    Corsair -
    CX / CXM series
    VS series

    Enermax -
    CoolerGiant series
    Maximum Plus series
    naXn ADV 650 Watts
    Noistaker MK1 / MK2 series
    Triathlor / Traiathlor FC series
    Whisper MK2 series

    Enhance ENS-G
    Epower Xscale series

    EVGA -
    Supernova 750 Watts
    Supernova Classified 1500 Watts

    Fortron / FSP Aurum 92+ 650M

    Fractal Design -
    Integra R2 650 / 750 Watts
    Tesla R2

    Kingwin -
    Lazer series
    Mach 1 (the negative 12v rail may go slightly outside of spec in some loading conditions)

    Lepa G900

    OCZ -
    ModXStream (rated at 40° C)
    Z series 1000 Watts

    Rosewill -
    Fortress Series
    Hercules 1600 Watts
    Hive series
    RP 2 (temp. Sensitive)
    Xtreme / RX series

    Seasonic Super versatile series
    Sigma SP series
    Silversone F prefix
    Sparkle FSP units
    Spire Rocketeer V/VI
    Rocketeer V/VI
    Sunbeam Nuuo

    Thermaltake -
    Litepower series
    Purepower RX
    Toughpower <less than 600 watts

    Topower 1000w Gold
    XG Magnum
    X-Spice Kira series
    Zalman ZM 850 / 1000 watts

    Tier four - Not for overclocking systems or high end gaming rigs. May not even output labeled power and fail standard ATX specifications slightly. May even use cheap components to meet a price -

    Aerocool -
    Strike-X series
    Templarius Imperator series

    Asus Atlas

    Cooler Master -
    GX / GX lite series (The GX 450 non-lite Watt model is fine)

    E-power units

    EVGA -

    FSP Raider series
    Hiper - Type M (Less than 600 Watts)
    LC power
    MGE XE
    Mushkin HP series
    NorthQ 4775-500S / BU

    NZXT -
    Hale82N 650w
    Hale82 V2 700w

    OCZ -
    GameXStream (less than 1000 Watts, if manufactured before December 2007)
    GameXStream 1010 Watts (it's an 850 Watt unit in disguise)
    ModXStream (if manufactured before December 2007)
    Fatal1ty 2013 550 and 750 Watts
    StealthXStream (If manifactured before December 2007)

    Scythe Kamariki
    Superflower Amazon series

    Ultra -
    Xfinity series
    U2 X2 series (Less than 700 Watts)
    XVS series

    Xion Real Power series

    Tier five - Replace immediately. These units are NOT recommended for any system, no matter the purpose. Reference to higher tiered models for a better and potentially money-saving unit -

    A-TOP technology
    Artic / Ace (They're the same company)
    Aspire (Turbocase)
    Athena Power
    Broadway Com Corp

    Cooler Master -
    eXtreme series
    Elite series

    Evo labs
    FSP Everest
    HEC / Compucase Orion
    Hiper Type-R (less than 600 Watt)
    Huntkey (Apart from jumper series)
    iStar computer co.
    In win (Despite some reputable reviews, they are known to fail quickly)
    Just PC
    Kingwin (their budget models)
    Linkworld electronics
    Logisys computer
    MSi (just stick to their GPUs and motherboards)
    Norwood Micro/ CompUSA
    Rosewill (their older PSUs)
    Spire micro

    Thermaltake -
    Purepower NP / RU
    TR2 and TR2-RX

    Trust (Stick to their peripherals)

    Ultra -
    X-connect series
    X2 (Greater than 700 Watts)
    LSP series

  8. Thanks, jeez I thought my CPU coils were going or my GPU was messed up!

    Is it still ok to use for a few days??
  9. probably but at the same time it is showing signs of problems. chances are it would be ok. up to you if you want to risk it though. pretty big loss if it does decide to take your system out.

    the fact that it did it while you browsing the internet isnt promising either.

    you will notice powercool is tier 5 on that list.
  10. I am looking for somthing 500w to 600w, for under 65 pounds, is that possible while maintaining a tier 2?
  11. i would go a step up from that at least. you have some nice parts, insure they stay safe by dropping a lil more on the psu.
  12. Ok, I have 120 pounds saved, so I am willing to go for 60 pound to 80, have any ideas?
  13. i gave you a list, you can search through the list by hitting ctrl-f and then scrolling up a bit to see which tier it is in.
  14. Ok
    thanks dude, saved me lots of money
  15. You need a minimum of 30A on the 12V rail and 500W. A good one you have to pay for. But please don't get another crappy PSU. Try Seasonic, XFX, Antec or Corsair as first choice.
  16. I am getting 850W-1000W, Corsair Gold range
  17. 750 watts is my sweet spot
  18. 1000W is overkill. But Corsair should be good - RM1000 or RM550
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