Best Cheap speaker with Surround (7.1)

Like the name said my old speaker broke down and i trying to find new one that:
1. Around 5~25$ (if it's 50$ better be great)
2. Have reliabilty for at least 3 year (have a guarante)
3.High quality and can be very loud
4.Small sized say twice size of a mug (no need to be usb)
5.Since destop pc to monitor quite far so long cable
6.Bluetooth optional

I think thats all
please post the model name and price. (and maybe customer review)
if you can't mention the model just say the brand
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    7.1 speakers of high quality for only $5-25?

    quite simply that is not going to happen unless you buy used equipment.


    if 5.1 is okay then you could go with the z506 from logitech but its $70 when on sale. that price is actually quite fair and the speakers are pretty good value for the money.

    the creative inspire t6300 is 5.1 as well and goes for $50. i've never used it personally but it gets one star less on reviews than the logitech set.


    if you dont mind dropping down to 2.1 then you could go with the z313 for $35. while considered a low end set it does get loud and quality really isnt bad for the price.


    if you are absolutely dead set on your budget.... you should go looking for some used speakers as you will not find anything half decent brand new for that. you might find some no-name brands but i cant vouche for the quality!
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