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Sound suddenly stopped working on the left side of my bluetooth headphones. The sound plays from the right only.

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April 20, 2014 6:41:24 AM

I have Sony Bluetooth headphones (DR-BT21G) and they suddenly stopped working earlier this week, in that there is completely no sound output from the left headphone (no static either). The sound is coming through fine on the right and they are connecting.

I have tried taking them apart and found the wiring to be intact and also connected to another device and found it has the same problems.

I am unsure whether one of the wires is faulty.

If someone could give me some assistance and direction, it would be greatly appreciated.


Best solution

April 23, 2014 9:30:54 PM

So I know alot of this is for wire-based headphones, but there are a few things you could try first. url here

So for the headphones themselves, is there any sort of adapter or connector that plugs into USB or your audio connectors? Have you tried linking the bluetooth to another device like a smartphone or another computer?

Another theory I have is the diaphragm for the ear might have gone out, so it would not seem like a wire issue since the speaker is all self-contained. Try using a free program like audacity to pan some music or audio to one side of the headphones and the other. Do you still not hear anything.

Link to Audacity download: Here.

Link to importing in Audacity: Here.

Panning in Audacity:

On the track control panel, there are two levels, one with a + & - and one with a L & R. The L & R is your pan, moving this to either side will make your audio only transmit on one ear or the other.
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