Why is slow and have low performance my notebook in netbrowsing?

Lenovo S205
I tired with W8 before W7 and Ubuntu,...
Mine is very slow in webrowsing, the reaction time is delayed and annoying surf on the Web....

I tried with Chrome,IE11,Firefox....The netbook cpu usage is only 26%, 1,6 GB ram usage of 6GB. (E350,250HDD,6gb ram)
-I have installed all drivers
-in the lenovo power management settings are hight
-cleaned the cache and temp file with TTempFile cleaner
-In os not run not necessary apps
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  1. check your internet speed at www.speedtest.net and report back.
  2. Ping: 10ms
    down: 22,65 Mbps
    up: 2,11 Mbps
  3. I tried to take some info about system:

  4. I can only think of 2 explanations, either your cpu is too slow, or your HDD is under too much load.
  5. When i bought , i choose this cpu base on the tests on the net, like this:


    (on the page in middle are on table, the first is same cpu ...and this e350 results are not so bad ...but in use this too slow :( )
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