What mobile GPU is emough to play Diablo 3 in Full HD?


Sorry if I am in the wrong section, but this is kinda related to GPU & displays.

I am currently searching for a used laptop on a local shopping site. I am mainly searching a laptop for Diablo 3 (playing on the couch), since I already have a desktop.

I could get a full hd laptop really cheap with the following specs:

15,6" Asus Full HD
Nvidia geforce gt 540 (2gb)
6GB ddr2 RAM
500Gb HDD
etc etc..

Is it enough to play Diablo 3 (RoS) in full HD full screen?


should I buy the other laptop that I found relatively cheap, but more expensive than the first one?

Thor Vingtor 15,4" Full HD
Nvidia geforce gt 650
8 Gb RAM

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  2. bignastyid said:

    So you think it is worth getting the more expensive one, even if it is double the price?
  3. If you want to play diablo 3 at full HD and high settings it is.
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