Should i change my mobo & processor?

Hello fnds,
take a look @ my config:
¤ Processor: Intel i7 950 @ 4.0 GHz
¤ Cooler: Tt Water 2.0 Pro LCS
*. Mobo: Asus x58 Sabertooth
¤ RAM: Kingston HyperX Genesis 2x4GB 1600 Bus
¤ GPU: EVGA GTX-780-SC w/EVGA ACX Cooler
¤ HDD: WD-500GB-Blue-SATA3
¤ ODD: LiteON LabelTAG 24x
¤ PSU: Tt ToughpowerST-750w-80plus Gold
¤ Chassis: Tt Level-10-GTS Side Window.

Now my question: is there all ok? Is this rig face any Bottlenecking issue? Should i change my mobo & processor?

Thanks in advance. :-)
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  1. no need to upgrade anything at all! i dont know why are you asking this question your build is great :).
  2. Some of my fnds told me that, my processor is 1st gen & this processor is slower than 4th gen i5 & it can't handle 780. Thats y i ask.
  3. Best answer
    a 950 will not bottleneck a gtx 780 but 4th generations cpu's are indeed faster. you dont need to upgrade but its your choice.
  4. My mobo support SLI. Is there any problem to Go with 780-SLI in future?
  5. kind of it close the build will be around 650watts under load with sli gtx 780's . you're fine :).
  6. Is my processor 950 handle 780-SLI @4.0 GHz? Any bottleneck prob for cpu?
  7. nope no bottleneck with 780sli. at 4ghz is even better :).
  8. Thanks.
    BTW, i can't "Pick as the solution" from my mobile, Why?
  9. you can do it on pc but not on phone.
  10. Thanks. I'll do.
  11. no problem good luck pal :).
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