Dell Dimension 4600 Scrap value

Let me start with, I live in England so there are nearly no "scrap for cash shops". I have taken out all parts
Two DDR 256MB sticks
One Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
80Gb Seagate 7200Rpm HDD
Network card
Geforce FX 5200
250W PSU
CD/DVD Was replaced and I have kept it to reuse.
Very old pc built in 2004 used last 2013. I took some of the parts out with a hammer so no hope of resale. However is there any truth to "Gold Value" and "Copper Value" or should I take it up the tip and have done with it.
Also I did take some of the fingers off and they are not magnetic (good sign I believe)
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    Take the entirety of it to a recycle facility.
    Or, put it back together and sell it for a few quid (25?) to someone knowledgeable that could maybe use it.

    The parts individually are pretty useless, even on ebay.
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