Is my graphics card still OK for what i currently do

I have an old 550 ti and while it still gets the job done on my end i want to see what the community thinks im also a livestreamer here is a list of some of the games i play

Diablo 3

World of warcraft

Elder scrolls games


cod games

stuff like that let me know guys!
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  1. whats the rest of your system specs, and what resolution do you game at?
  2. i-7 4770k 8 GB of ram
  3. It's really up to you, if you're happy no need, if thinking about it though might wait till the new nVidia cards come out (8xx series) and see what they offer, should be around the corner
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    nvidia 800 series : 2015
    gtx 550ti = low end card at launch day, today even a low end gtx 660 or radeon r7 265 is about twice as fast...
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