Moving everything from a 32GB SSD to a 128GB SSD

I built my PC last year and made a 32GB SanDisk my C drive. I've now run out of space and need to upgrade. I downloaded all my games and files that I could onto a 1TB HDD. If I get a 128GB SanDisk SSD what is the best way to move all the data over? Also I sort of messed with my system a lot to fit everything on the 32GB drive like moving the kernel dumping site (I think?) and compressing some files. Will this be an issue if I clone the drive? Would I be better off doing a clean install of my OS, or will I have issues because programs like Steam are on my C drive and all its game files are on my other ( E: ) drive? I think a clean reinstallation might be better but I'm worried my files won't match up between the two drives ( C: and E: ). Please help me I'm not very computer smart! PS I have Windows 7 x64
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    It's always better to do a clean install of the OS on a new SSD. But if you simply want to clone the existing 32GB SSD to the new bigger one, use a free cloning program like:

    But be sure to make the necessary tweaks to any SSD when you are done. To keep it form writing itself to an early death and to keep it fast.
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