New GPU, Machine only loads bios screen but fails to start windows.


Bought a new GTX 760, upgrading from a HD7770.

Full Build:

Symptom: Machine loads bios screen (AMI), freezes for 10-15 seconds and restarts. Pressing the setup key initialized a "Launching Setup message" but setup never launches.

What I've Done:
1. I uninstalled all the old drivers straight from device manager (screen resolution promptly dropped to potato).
2. I attempted to reset CMOS, my mobo has a hinge that props up the cmos battery but I can't seem to find a reset switch or be able to fully remove the battery. I am unsure if it reset and can't seem to verify.
3. I verified it wasn't the SATA cable, unplugging the HDD makes no change.

Biggest concern:
My main question, however, is I'm only running that CX430 (430w) while the GTX760 recommends 500+. Is my issue still feasibly the PSU even though the bios launch screen fires up? Looking inside the case I see no glaring power issues (all fans on GPU are on etc). The estimate wattage on pcpartpicker is only ~350.

Additional Info:
I can swap back to my HD7770 and it loads without issue, albeit at the graphics of a potato with the drivers now gone.

About to call EVGA but hoping to get some insight here as well.
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  1. Just got off the phone with EVGA and they seemed pretty confident that sudden restarts would be a result of the PSU not providing enough power.

    I will be ordering a new PSU.

    Just posting this for anyone who finds this question.
  2. use this tool to get all of the driver files off of your computer

    Since you are gong from ATI to NVIDIA it is even more important to get it all off of your computer

    GTX 760 is going to use a lot more power then a 7770 so if your PSU is severly under-powered for the job then that could definitely cause the restart issue
  3. I ended up upgrading my PSU from a CX430 to a CX600 and the issue persists. My research seems to lead to the card fails to post. With that said and already talking to EVGA support they are going to RMA a new one to see if perhaps the card was DoA.

    I was able to reset the CMOS (I found the jumper pins) and the bios setup still doesn't launch unless I put my old card in. I actually have my old card in the PCI-E x4 slot at the moment. Anytime I put the GTX 760 in the PCI-E x16 slot only monitors connected to the GTX work and the machine freezes at the bios (fails to post).
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    Updating my own thread again with the solution in case someone finds this researching a similar issue...

    The issue was the bios. ECS support was very helpful and sent me a new bios for the board I have. Flashed the new bios and computer started right up.
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