VPN will not allow browser to connect to internet

I am using a VPN service.
When I first began to use it, I could connect with my torrent client and brows the internet at the same time.
But, I had connectivity problems with the torrent client.
Changing my firewall from ZA to Comodo and removing Malwarebytes seemed to fix the connectivity problems.

Now, my torrent client works just fine.
But, my browsers [FF and IE] cannot connect to the internet while connected to the VPN.
I usually get a notification that the server [FF] or [IE] will not accept the connection, or something akin to that.
As soon as I disconnect the VPN, the browsers work just fine.

I have done a search, but nothing seems to fit my situation.
Can anyone point me to a solution for this?
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  1. Thank you Rose Ab.

    FF is now up and running on the VPN.
    IE is setup as directed, but still is not connecting.
    It is not a problem.
    I don't use IE except on very rare occasions, as here to verify a problem with FF.

    Thanks again.
  2. may you tell me the solution because I have same problem

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