How good is this build for Skyrim modded

How good is this pc build for Skyrim with (150-200 mods)
id like to stay at a minimum of 50-60 fps
here are some examples of mods I am using: Graphical: Realvision + climates of tamriel + realistic lighting overhaul Gameplay mods: Faalskar; immersive weapons, armors, creatures; wyrmstooth and many others.
P.S. if you have any suggestions list them please.
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    Very good GPU, but i wouldn't buy an APU, they are a waste, you can get an FX 6300 for less money, also the FM2 socket is outdated, your upgrade capabilities will be really limited, AM3+ is the socket you should be looking for, so my advice is to get the CPU i mentioned with any motherboard that can support the parts you already chose (PC part picker has filters for these things, they are ON unless you turned them OFF)
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