Will 2 exhaust case fans help at all with CPU temps

So i have 2 fans that I will be putting into my case soon and both of the vents that i'm putting them are right by the CPU and the heatsink one fan on the top rear and one on very top of the case.

I already have 1 fan as intake in the front of my case and these are the first exhaust ones that are getting put in.
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  1. Yes it will help in that you'll be circulating cooler air into the case and exhausting warmer out. How much cooler is a very relative thing that I suppose you could predict by comparing the current in-case temps to your room temps.
  2. Alright, i'm hoping they shave off a couple degrees and if not i'll be investing in a 212 evo which will hopefully solve a lot.
  3. Depending on your set up you will benefit from having proper air flow through the case but nothing works better than and quality after market cooler and a lot of folks sure like the 212 so when you get around to it that will greatly help manage temps.
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    as far as intake/exhaust, its better to maintain positive air pressure in your case when applicable so i'd go with 2 intake and 1 exhaust if this applies to your situation. 2nd exhaust wont affect your cpu temp in the least. if you're running hot check your thermal paste and if your trying to OC on a stock or low end cooler, don't. stock coolers are designed to cool at stock speeds. a good aftermarket cooler will help in most cases and good ones can run from 50=150 USD on newegg or tigerdirect. back to the point, unless your conditions are extreme, a 2nd output fan will not reduce your temps but feel free to test it as fans are easy peasy to install.
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