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I was wondering if someone could help me with my problem,
I have been experiencing very bad ping spikes when i am playing games on my PC. It starts off at 50 ms then it goes up gradually and it could reach around 1000 ms on a really bad day and goes back down and on and on. i have tried calling my ISP to fix the problem thinking that it is the router or the connection but they have already sent an engineer to my house twice and it's still not getting any better. They have replaced the wiring the router even added an amplifier to the connection to amplify the signal. I have ran out of ideas on what i could do to fix it?

if i may add i use a wireless connection, i have no other option since the router is far from my PC. i don't use any particular brand of adapter my asus z77 motherboard came with a built in wireless adapter.

I have also checked on inSSIDer what my signal rating was it was 90-100%

please feel free to ask any other information
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  1. Even though it is not a option for permanent use I would still get a ethernet cable run just for testing. It is your cheapest way to quickly isolate your problem. You will quickly know if it is the wireless or something else. Without this it could be anything from drivers in your PC to firmware in a ISP router.

    It is highly likely it is the wireless. Games are the most intolerant of any traffic to packet loss and delay which wireless has a lot of. Most other applications you will not see problems unless the signal is very bad.

    Still you need to isolate the issue or you will just be running around guessing what to fix.
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