What Water Blocks are Compatible with i5 (LGA 1150 socket) CPU?

Hi I am looking into water cooling my next build and I will be water cooling my graphics card and CPU. I will be overclocking my Intel i5-4670k processor to 4.6 GHz and I don't know which water blocks are compatible with a LGA 1150 socket because I can't find one for that socket. Also, any help for water cooling my GPU would be fantastic.
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    Anything for LGA 1155/1156 will work as well.
  2. Okay thanks.
  3. Nothing is guaranteed when over clocking, I have a 4770k, which on average should over clock slightly better than a 4670k.
    I got a aweful chip, and I can be stable at 4.5 with 1.32v.

    I would put the money into a more powerful processor (i7). Games do use the extra cores, it will be more futureproof. I have yet to see an overclocked i5 outperform an i7 in heavy threaded tasks.
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