GTX 770 or R9 280X, 2 monitors

For running two 1920*1080 monitors (one 120hz) which graphics card would be better, the GTX 770 (2gb) or the R9 280X. Playing FPS games I plan on using one monitor only (120hz) and for EVE Online two clients open with one on each screen. I also need the graphics card to last about 3 years before another upgrade.

Note: I can't get any other card with a higher cost.

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    In this case the 280X is a much better option. Using 2 1080P monitors will utilize a lot of VRAM, and the 4GB version of the 770 doesnt actually utilize the total 4 GB effectively and uses about 2.2 GB (roughly). The 280X is your best bet here, and if you turn the settings down and depending on the game, you might even be able to use both monitors and play at 120 Hz.
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